Short Review: Tere Bin (Students’ Attempt to Show Typical Love Drama)

Tere Bin doesn’t offer  much new to the screen; it has a common love drama script that has been implemented in countless movies before. I am not going to review it from the audience perspective, but from the view of film-making.

short-movies tere bin

Analysis: The movie is developed by a group of students and I must say that they have learned a lot. During the entire movie, it doesn’t feel any immature, actually it holds you. I have seen many students’ movies that becomes unstable somewhere, but Tum Bin keeps the balance till the very end.

Editing can be called the weakest element of the movie, it is patchy, doesn’t go smooth and needs much improvements.

The movie may not make you emotional, but the main characters connect with the viewers fine. Cinematography has been done simply and effectively, its simple and clean; what I am impressed by is the greenery. Acting is also fine, the main two characters acted naturally and haven’t attempted to overact which is a good sign for their future in cinema.

FINAL WORDS: Well Done, Almost Professional



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