Short Review: The Birch (Scary as MAMA)

The Birch feels like a commercial short movie that has a good production Budget; it feels like watching a Blumhouse’s creation. Though, the movie can be called short version of MAMA 2013.

The Birch

Analysis: The Birch is focused on a boy who is bullied by some thug. The boy is told by an old lady (probably his grandma) that a supernatural power is going to protect him. She gives him a shape made with sticks that the boy takes with him into the woods and calls that supernatural power that saves him.

The idea may not be a great one cinematically, but for an entertaining  horror movie it seems good and effective.

The WOW factor of the movie is its screenplay and cinematography; you can feel the seriousness and intense atmosphere in the entire film.

The movie should have connected better, it lags to make you involved much, should have used a few camera techniques to accomplish it.

Actors have done a great job where they feel no less than present day Hollywood actors in performance. VFX is also implemented well and deserves an applaud.

FINAL WORDS: It’s Entertainment



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