Short Review: The Black Hole (Cinematic idea)

There are not many short movies that have a great idea, instead such movies more focus on film making skills. But, the movie we are going to have a look is a short movie that has a brilliant thrilling concept.

The Black Hole short movie review

Analysis: The movie begins with a man having copies of documents in an office building. While doing so, he gets a copy with a big black circle on it. He ignores and puts it by. However, he gets amazed when he puts his cup on the paper which gets into it. Now the man has gotten a super power that can change his world. He decides to steal money from the office locker; he tapes the paper on the locker and have the money. But the greedy turned man doesn’t stop there and gets into the locker himself. However, he gets locked there forever when the paper falls down.

I have found the concept of The Black Hole fresh and brilliant for creating thrill. There are endless possibilities with such idea, but the creators chose it to be a thriller and have implemented it really well.

The cinematography compliments the idea and the thriller theme, where the movie is set in an isolated office building where there is only one employee left.

The actor has done a great job, you can feel excitement and nervousness on his face that a person in real life would have felt in the situation.

FINAL WORDS: Thriller at Best



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