Short Review: The Boss

The Boss tells a story of a man who has been struggling with his job. His boss is too rude with him; he insults him even when the man gets late one minute only.

the boss short movie review

Analysis: The movie opens with one such day when the guy gets a minute late and his boss calls him in office. He threatens the man by saying that he may lose the job soon. While having the harsh words, the man notices a lottery news in a newspaper and matches his ticket number. It matches and he wins millions of dollars. Thereafter, the attitude of the guy gets dominating and he avenges on his boss by insulting his wife, cutting his tie and phone line.

However, he wakes up and finds that only a few minutes are left to be at the office 🙂

It seems like it isn’t a whole new idea, however the movie has been implemented well; it couldn’t have any better. The twist at the end of the movie makes it more appealing and valuable.

Yes, the lead character connects well with the viewers. When he gets insulted by his boss, you feel for him; and that is enough achievement for any filmmaker.

The movie stars Greg Glienna, I haven’t watched any of his films but he looks a brilliant actor. I like his timing in his each short movie.

FINAL WORDS: Great Implementation



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