Short Review: THE CALL (Finest of all Time)

When I finished watching THE CALL, it got into my favorite short movies of all time list. You can’t ask a film maker to deliver better 4 min than this movie. It displays the love of a family and between a father and his daughter.

THE CALL short movie review

Analysis: While resting on a bench in a park, a man gets a phone call from her daughter. The talk starts normally but soon the father realizes that her daughter is in pain. He asks her and gets a reply “I don’t have much time father”. At this point, I wondered why the father didn’t ask her daughter about the problem. But wait, lets continue.

From here, the daughter asks her father to tell her a story. The father begins telling their family’s beautiful early days. At the end, audience gets to know that the girl is a militarian and is on the verge of death during war.

THE CALL has modified the family-drama concept so well that it feels like a fresh one. The story is so strong that it holds you till the very end.

While watching the movie, it makes the viewers emotional and involved. The screenplay and especially flashbacks are shown really well

All seems perfect in the movie; the actors have given a brilliant performance, their intensity is shown on the screen.

FINAL WORDS: Watch it Now.



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