Short Review: The Coin Machine (Among Finest Comedies I have Seen)

I previously reviewed a short comedy named “The Elevator’, published on a channel named ‘Filmmekar”. The movie was fine so I decided to watch and review another comedy on the channel. Its The Coin Machine and unlike the first movie, it has a really solid concept and screenplay too that makes you laugh during the watch time.

coin machine short movie review

Analysis: A man who is in need of change goes to a coin machine in a building. The machine rejects his $1 Bill each time, however it gives change to other people. While fixing his note, the note gets teared and the man takes another note from a frame on the wall. But the unlucky man gets the same result. From here, the hilariousness gets elevated where the man seduces the machine to have the change and it works; he gets change dipped in white color.

The entire movie keeps you entertained with its amazing comic timing, there are many scenes where you get real laughter from the situation.

The Coin Machine involves its viewers into the situation. If we talk about acting then the lead actor deserves an applaud.

FINAL WORDS: One of the Best Comedies



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