Short Review: The Elevator (Interesting Comedy)

The Elevator isn’t a newly published short movie on YouTube; I just picked it to review. The movie has a simple and very interesting concept where a man is about to be in trouble while in an elevator.

the elevator short movie review

Analysis: A man gets into an elevator, gradually many people also join him. The fact that is common in rest of the elevator’s passengers is that they all are overweight. The man realizes it and calculates the total weight. He gets out of the elevator when the weight gets over the limit. He then takes the by elevator; however it turns out to be a worst experience as all his fellow passengers had swine flu.

The Elevator is a type of movie that makes you laugh because of its idea, not by screenplay. You won’t laugh till the very end, but when the movie ends it feels funny.

The screenplay of the movie makes you connected till the end, being concentrated on a single character helps the creation to accomplish it.

There is nothing much to comment about cinematography as the movie is set in an elevator.

All the actors feel like real people and have done a suitable job according to the script.

FINAL WORDS: Watch Till The End



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