The Most Beautiful Thing Short Movie Review (Simply Effective)

The Most Beautiful Thing, the short movie has got a fine name, I found it among the most beautiful movies I have ever witnessed. As you may already know that works that are based on creative ideas leaves a heavy impact on the viewers. Though,  there may not be a script like mainstream cinema in the film, but it doesn’t let the overall movie down, actually it doesn’t affect it at all.

Short Review The Most Beautiful Thing

The movie showcases values of emotions, those feelings among creatures that are not bound by any physical medium. I believe movies such as “The Most Beautiful Thing” make the today’s so called modern society realize about the true values in human life.

Don’t you think that the new generation is being fooled, the world has been such that that gadgets, virtual world and etc have been mistakenly consumed for a happy life?

The same the movie tells about love that it doesn’t need any physical medium, nature’s given connection is enough to have the feeling.

The script of the movie is simple but it has some really fine elements such as empathy and a few conflicts. When you watch the innocent lead boy character who is too lonely in his world, even at home, you feel bad for him and can experience his empty world.

This connection with the viewers get more elevated when the deaf and mute girl becomes his friend. I really love the part where the two share words by writing, it makes the screenplay so emotional and sweet. Additionally, what has impressed me the most that the movie lifts itself till the very end, just look at the climax scene where the mute girl tries to speak for her love.




CAST: Nick Lopez, Analisa Gutierrez, Cameron Herbst, Madison Kirkpatrick, and Tim Wagner

Storyline: Brandon is a High School teenage student whose life is entirely different from other students, may be because of his shy and innocent nature. Even the boy doesn’t get much attention of his parents. On a day, Brandon tries to talk with his school mate named Emily, however he gets ignored. On the next day, he again tries to speak to Emily and comes to know that she is mute and deaf; there, the two share words with each other and get attached in a few days.

The sluggish & boring lives of the two turns happy and Brandon decides to ask Emily for a prom night. However, the boy gets heartbroken when he witnesses his girl kissing with some other guy, which was a total misunderstanding. Brandon pushes break on his relation with Emily, however he was unaware of the true love of the mute girl until her soul makes her to speak to him.

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