Short Review: VALIS (Sci-Fi that Tells the Deadly side of AI)

We are living in a world where scientists have been working so hard to make artificial intelligence better. AI is being a part of every technical thing; it is being used in robots and search engines like google. There have been many talks about the future of our world and the dominance of robots there.

Analysis: VALIS displays the same idea where Artificial Intelligence  has taken the control over humanity, set in the year 2037. I remember a few movies displaying the same but VALIS felt like it was trying to give a strong message instead focusing on the characters and the situation more; really made me engaged into it. Direction and Screenplay makes this movie worked; though the concept is not fresh.

What has impressed me the most is the cinematography and video editing of the movie; its brilliant. Before watching the movie I didn’t expect such professional presentation. It feels like you are watching a good budget Hollywood film. There are AI Robots shown walking; I guess creators’ pockets would have been deep.

Actors have also done a good job where they merge their expressions according to the situation.

FINAL WORDS: Wow, Must Watch



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