Short Reviews: Friend Request (Horror Brainstorming)

After reviewing a horror short movie based on Facebook, I decided to watch and review another on the similar concept. The movie I have finished watching is Friend Request and I don’t regret my decision. Actually, this movie is more valuable, it leaves you with so many unanswered questions at the end that keeps it away from usual horror stories on the subject.

friend request short movie review

Analysis: The movie opens with a man named Collin who is hoping to chat with strangers on a social website; soon he switches to facebook where he gets a friend request from a person named Lucifer. While having the chat, Lucifer threatens Collin by mentioning that she knows what he did with a girl at a night. Soon, the T.V set gets turned on where Collin walks to his bathroom and finds a dead body (probably of that girl he slept with). Upon continuing the chat, Collin smiles and accepts Lucifer’s request.

This ending of the movie feels really impressive and makes you feel thinking. At here, the movie makes the viewers to analyze the complete story by themselves; there can be many possibilities; Collin would be a psycho killer who likes to sleep and kill girls or the spirit might have possessed him.

However, some viewers may find the movie confusing and complain.

During the entire movie, it makes you involved in whats going on and what is coming next. Another element that had my eye is the realistic cinematography, everything is so casual.

The actor who played Collin has also done a good job.

FINAL WORDS: Art Embedded in Horror



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