Some Interesting Facts about Sholay Movie, Must Know

Sholay is absolutely a masterpiece. It may not have a great idea or storyline; however the movie is awesome because of its filmmaking, especially the screenplay and characters. It brought a ton of change in Hindi cinema after its release. Before Sholay, the nation didn’t watch such a flick that was western in genre but also had masala flavors of typical Bollywood.

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We can divide Hindi cinema’s period by before and after Sholay.

In the script, audience witnesses action, romance and embedded comedy. When all these get combined in a storyline, you get a powerful screenplay. But there is a lot more in the movie and that’s why it went so successful.

Let’s talk about action; all such sequences were choreographed really well and look realistic. The initial scene where bandits attack on the train and the trio knock them down is loaded with intensity, but it doesn’t go out of reality even tough.

In the movie, what audience enjoys a lot are the torture scenes that have been presented infinity times as comedy in various shows and videos. I haven’t watched much Bollywood movies of that period, but I believe that was something unique shown in Sholay for the first time; because there weren’t a few but many such scenes.

There are more elements that make the movie fascinating.

Being such a rich and cult flick, there are also many interesting facts about it; let’s also have a look at them.


  • Dharmendra wanted to portray the role of Gabbar Singh, as it was the most influential character in the movie. However, when he knew that Hema Malini was opposite to Veeru’s character then he lovingly accepted to be Veeru.Dharmendra and Hema used to be a romantic couple in Bollywood. The actor also used to pay to the crew of Sholay to disturb his scenes with his love to have more time with her. After five years of Sholay, both married to each other.

  • Gabbar Singh, played by Amjad Khan is the most famous villain character in Hindi Cinema. The character only had nine scenes in the movie; however the impact was much powerful. You may be surprised to know that there was a bandit named Gabbar Singh near Gwalior. It is said that he would cut ears and nose of the cops.

  • When there the names Jai and Veeru are called, every mind recalls the two characters from Sholay. The duo is also an example of friendship.However, they aren’t any fictional characters; the writer of the movie Salim Khan named the characters on the two best friends from his collage, named Jai and Veerendra Singh.

  • The movie set many records at the box office. It was the first Indian movie that was displayed in more than 100 theaters for more than 25 weeks. In Mumbai’s Minerva Theatre, it ran for 5 continuous years. However, Shahrukh Khan’s DDLJ holds the record of the Most Run Film in a movie theatre.An interesting thing to know here is that Sholay didn’t won many Filmfare awards; it only got an award for Best Editing. Being such a cinematic movie, it surprises a lot.

  • Initially, the character Thakur Baldev Singh (played by Sanjeev Kumar) was an army officer. However, the creators figured out some complications implementing so and later it was transformed into a police officer.

  • “Kitny Aadmi Theyy” is an iconic scene of Hindi Cinema; it has been portrayed countless times by various artists. To have the perfection, the scene was shot 40 times. It wasn’t that that the performances were lacking each time, the creators wanted a perfect shot and the best among the best was chosen.

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