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Super 30 is going to be a cinematic Bollywood flick; the movie features Hrithik Roshan in the lead role as Anand Kumar. Having a global superstar like Roshan, the movie may showcase mainstream elements as well to justify its cost of production.

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super 30 movie poster

– Vikas Bahl

Writer – Vikas Bahl

Producer – Anurag Kashyap

Star Cast – Hrithik Roshan, Mrunal Thakur

Music – Ajay Atul

Production – Phantom Films, Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, Reliance Entertainment

Distribution – Reliance Entertainment, Fox Star Studios

Release Date – 25 January 2019

It is a biopic of Indian mathematician Anand Kumar, born in Patna, Bihar. The man contributes to several international publications. The movie is focused on his educational program Super 30 which is meant to prepare financially poor students for IIT entrance exams; the program also had eyes of Discovery Channel.

As it is a biopic, the audience will also witness Anand’s early life, his struggles and passion to educate students.

Super 30 is going to hit the theaters in January 2019, however due to the lead cast the movie is in talks these days.

On 6th February 2018, Phantom Films released the first look of it showcasing Hrithik’s new avatar. He looks like a poor boy, but the attraction he creates in the picture with his smile and attitude makes people smell about Anand’s commitment towards life.

super 30 movie
Image credit – Fox Star Studios

Also Check out this fan made poster of Super 30, made by me. Do let me know how is it.

super 30 movie poster
Super 30 Fan Made Poster by Ayush Chandra,

It is the first time that Hrithik is doing a biopic, to have perfection in his character, he also spend time with the man himself, Anand.

The movie is being directed by Vikas Bahl who works in collaboration with creative director and producer Anurag Kashyap.  The duo has delivered valuable movies like Black, Ugly, Queen and more. Yes, Vikas has a long way to prove as a director, having Anurag Kashyap as a producer will enhance the movie for sure.

Having looked at all these strong elements of the movie; it makes a promise that Super 30 is going to impress the audience for sure.


For now, it is known that the movie is a biopic of Anand Kumar and will focus on his educational program. But the audience would also watch his struggle to be such a person. There are some interesting and motivational stories of him. Anand used to sell papads and teach students to help his family’s financial conditions while elevating his own math. He would also go to Varanasi from Patna to read. Gradually he expanded his teaching classes where he realized to offer free education on a day when a poor student visited him to enroll.

A tough incident of his life is when he was selected in Cambridge University but due to poverty he was unable to enroll.

So as you can see there is a lot of emotional and motivational drama in his life, hence the screenplay would be intense for sure.


Bombshell Look of Hrithik from the Sets

The actor’s look in Super 30 has been in buzz since a picture of his selling chips went viral. The actor hasn’t been this thin before. However, a new picture has been shared on social media, clicked by photo journalist Viral Bhayani that can surprise you a lot. Unlike other images in which Hrithik looks dull and thin, he looks hot and muscular in this latest picture.


It is sure that this is from Super 30 set; he also has the basic beard look of Kumar. Now, we all have to brainstorm to solve the click’s riddle; what the character is upto?

It may be Anand Kumar after being successful, it makes sense as the current schedule is in Mumbai and as much as I know, the mathematician’s early days would have been shot in the Varanasi shoot.

But you may be wondering why he is wearing such exciting and appealing clothes. The answer is that it would be his regular outfit, not for the movie.

Famous Child Actor Ali Haji is Making Debut via Mumbai Mirror

Famous child Actor Ali Haji whom we adored in Aamir Khan’s Fanna as Rehan and in Salman Khan starrer Partner is having a comeback in mainstream cinema with Super 30, or we can say he is making his debut as an adult actor. Haji also has a role in an international flick starring Brendan Fraser called “The Field”. However, Super 30 is a bigger break for him.

In the movie, he plays a teenage boy from a wealthy Bihari family who is set to prepare for IIT entrance exam. But, instead taking admission in some branded coaching, he wishes to be taught in Super 30 classes by Anand Kumar.

Having known his character, it seems like the script is going to be more happening.

To deliver a natural Bihari guy’s voice, Ali had speaking classes; he just wants to nail as a matured actor.

Ali shared a story that he has met Hrithik before Super 30 in the year 2006 during the production of Fanna where the superstar used to have rehearsal for Dhoom 2. Hrithik got surprised upon being told about the story.

Anand Kumar was Invited to Mumbai

Hrithik invited Anand Kumar at his Mumbai residence to make him involved in the project. Before visiting the super star, Anand was a bit concerned but Hrithik welcomed him with humbleness. There held a meeting with the pre-production unit of the movie including the director himself.

Roshan, who gets into his each character in detail, would have surely learned about Anand’s way of talking and style.

Though Hrithik and Anand have entirely different personalities, but the mathematician believes that there wouldn’t have been a better actor than Hrithik to portray him on the silver screen.

Additionally, Anand also met Raskesh Roshan at the place. He has shared that he has been his fan since times and loves multiple movies of him that includes Khoobsurat. A song of his he listens to rejuvenate himself is “Thoda Hai Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai”.

Anand also shared that he will keep giving suggestions to Vikas Bahl during the production of Super 30. He is going to pay another visit to Roshan soon.

Moreover, Anand’s students are excited to have Hrithik in Patna for the shoot. However, there is news that the creators are building a set instead in Mumbai so that work can go without public distraction. I believe that it is a better step; there would be a flood of fans to see Hrithik in Patana so it would be much difficult to manage and concentrate.

Also, Anand also posted his meeting with Katrina Kaif where he mentioned that he and Katrina had a long discussion. Thereafter, it was believed that the actress would once again work with Roshan. But it is not going to happen, Mrunal Thakur has been officially cast.

Conflict among the producers over the lead actor

During the initial development of the movie, Super 30’s producers Phantom Films and Reel Life Entertainment were having a little conflict over the main cast between Hrithik and Akshay. During his visit to Mumbai, Anand also met Akshay Kumar. He stated that Hrithik is the best fit as he can portray variety of characters.

It seems like Reel Life Entertainment wished for Akshay and having not fulfilled it, they left the project. You don’t see them attached with the production unit anymore.

Earlier, there was a news that Hrithik opt out of the project because of Krrish 4.

Moreover, the casting choice has been criticized by many as Hrithik doesn’t look like Anand. Pankaj Tripathi who is playing a negative role in Super 30 looks much more similar to Anand. But, I don’t think this will affect the effectiveness of the creation.

Mrunal is making her debut

There was much confidence that Katrina Kaif would be with Hrithik in the lead. But Mrunal Thakur has been confirmed to be the lead actress. She has appeared in multiple Television soaps including Kum Kum Bhagya. Mrunal has done a few Marathi movies in 2014, so it is going to be her debut on the Big Screen.

I believe that the creators have made a right choice of not having Katrina. The script is set in Bihar and Katrina wouldn’t have looked like a middle class Bihari girl. May be her role would be different, but Mrunal looks pure Indian and she can be adjusted better instead of Kat.

Ajay Atul impressed Anand

The duo of brothers Ajay Atul is composing the music of Super 30. Anand has recently visited the music directors where he was presented with the sample music. He is really impressed and has stated that the audience will also applaud it when they listen to the music. The mathematician believes that music plays a pivotal role in any movie and it contributes much to its success. He too is a music lover and mentioned that music brings motivation in harsh times.

Ajay and Atul have composed and directed is several Bollywood flicks, regional movies and they have also contributed in Television. Their Bollywood debut was in 2004’s Gayab whose title track impacted fine. It is the second time the duo is giving music in a Hrithik starrer movie, previously they composed Agneepath’s soundtrack that became a massive hit.

The upcoming biopic seems a really passionate project, its each element looks filled with perfection.

10 Crore rupees set

It was expected that Super 30 would be shot in the original land Bihar, however having known the difficulties to shoot at the place, the creators have decided to create the same atmosphere in a studio in Mumbai. It is being said that the cost of the set is 10 crore INR.

 I have already mentioned in this post that the decision is smart and eliminates extra burden of public management during the shooting.

Sambhar will be shown Kota

Hrithik has impressed his fans from his two entirely different looks in the flick. He appears much thin in the picture where he has only mustaches.

After having finished the first shooting schedule of the movie in Varanasi, the unit proceeded to a small town in Rajasthan called Sambhar. Some shoot also took place at the lake. It is reported that the city will be shown as Kota in the movie.

15,000 Actors Took the Audition to be Hrithik’s Students

The casting director of the movie, Mukesh Chhabra has auditioned around 15,000 actors from Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai and a few more cities who will play Hrithik’s students. The creators want the final 30 actors much similar to Anand’s student who will later have acting workshop with the superstar before the shooting.

For now, 78 actors aged 15-17 have been filtered and the best will make it in the 30. The selected actors are also being taught math. Actors have been picked from various backgrounds as Anand’s real students have the same condition.

During the search for the most suitable ones, Mukesh was pleased to see young talent. The director believes that teaching actors of the age group to act is complicated; hence the focus is on personality and character matching to make things fluent.

It would have been a challenging job for Mukesh to have audition of such huge scale.

Mukesh has searched many talented child actors for Bollywood that includes kids from 2011’s Chillar Party, Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s Harshaali Malhotra and Dangal girls. It gives massive confidence to the creators and audience.

As we are having more insights of the development of Super 30, it is being more passionate each time.

Hrithik Proves Perfection Again

So we have already had a few pictures of Hrithik’s physical appearance in Super 30. So far he has impressed a lot, but the latest pic from the set of the movie is the most compelling till now. It shows the complete look of the actor, we had a similar picture before but it wasn’t much visible.


Hrithik has lost many kilograms to portray Anand Kumar; the demand of the character is to be felt and appear dull. The actor accomplishes both the qualities really well, you can notice the perfection. Hrithik, who has fascinating and western looks, makes you to feel him a poor and boring guy; it is an achievement for someone who possesses glamorous personality.

Actor Virendra Saxena is also in the picture; I examined a similar image from the set of the movie, he was there too sharing a frame with the actor. It seems like he has an impactful role in the movie. Saxena is a natural and powerful performer, though he hasn’t been featured much in lengthy and lead roles in Bollywood films, but his small roles are impressive.

The lead cast of Super 30 is almost clear; it has actors like Pankaj, Virendra and Aditya Srivastava along with the man himself. It is going to be a solid on-screen drama.

Vidya Vox may Sing for Super 30

Vidya Iyer aka Vidya Vox has been a singing sensation with her original and re-created music videos. She recently met Hrithik at his house where the superstar shared a picture on Instagram. Previously, Anand also had a meet with him and the other crew members of Super 30 at his house.


There would be no surprise if Vidya gives her voice or compose music for the movie. In the insta post, Hrithik also mentioned the name “Shankar” who collaborates with Vidya in her music videos.

There meet doesn’t look like a one where a fan and his favorite star celebrate; it feels passionate and professional. It would be really amazing to have the girl a part of the movie’s music.

Additionally, Vidya also shared a picture with Hrithik where she adored meeting the superstar.

Hrithik’s Blissful Photography

Hrithik is among the most versatile actors in Bollywood, even there are a few actors who portray such wide range of characters. In his upcoming biopic on Anand Kumar, the superstar has transformed himself into the demand of the character. There have been pictures posted by him on social media about the upcoming movie.


A few months ago, Hrithik shared some pictures from the Varanasi schedule of the film. These aren’t some regular pics, actually they tell us about photography skills of his.

The three pictures he shared look so professional, I wasn’t surprised that he delivered such output in his clicks as he is a much creative person. I really loved the quality of his clicks, what do you think?


  • Hrithik Roshan as Anand Kumar
  • Mrunal Thakur as Ritu Rashmi
  • Aditya Srivastava
  • Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
  • Pankaj Tripathi


The video shows a few images taken during the shoot of the movie. It also introduces you to the movie’s concept and analysis of the lead character with real life Anand Kumar.


Before having the first look of the movie, Hrithik was caught selling papads/chips. This image went viral. The video also shows the super star celebrating his birthday with his fans during the shoot of super 30, he looks much thin.

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