Swades Movie Review (A Flick that can’t be Compared)

(4.3 / 5)
Swades Movie
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I believe that Swades isn’t just among the finest flicks Bollywood has ever created, but it is among a few movies that are a perfect example of valuable cinema. Hindi cinema has movies like DDLJ and Sholay that are applauded all over the world. Yes, these are awesome movies and a great example of effective filmmaking.

But, something is beyond that if we talk about cinema; telling a story to convey a message or attempting to have change in society is the basic principal of filmmaking. Though, we aren’t much aware about it as the film industries have been a source of pure entertainment now.

Swades is a brilliant movie that casts light on rural India’s complications and old school cultural effects on new generation. The director Ashutosh Gowariker also takes care of mainstream viewers by including interesting characters. Additionally, what impresses me the most is that the movie is entirely logical and nothing goes larger than life, though it feels like a fantasy somewhere.

There would be a few flicks in Bollywood that keep you engaged over 3 hours and successfully leaves a heavy impact on your mind and others in the society. If I give it some grade or rank, I will keep it a level ahead than movies like Lagaan and the ones I mentioned above.

Swades has an impactful script; you witness rural India’s real life complications and how a NRI realizes and feels bad about it. The storyline has a multiple elements; it shows Shah Rukh Khan’s character’s transformation over time, empathy to the villagers (including who are not suffering) and powerful conflicts.

I love those movies whose stories get build gradually and like a chain, instead of being built initially that triggers to a goal. Here, I would like to give you an example; try to analyze how Harry Potter’s first part’s storyline gets built, you will find the same pattern here. Though, both the movies don’t have any similar identity.

Additionally, there are many characters in the movie that bring more interest and trigger to an entertaining screenplay.

A character named “Mela Ram” keeps trying to convince Shahrukh to have him to America so that he can live his desired lifestyle; along with adding humor in the screenplay, the character is also a part of “Realization”. Similarly, more characters such as Dayal Shrivastav (a postman who loves wrestling) and the little kid Chiku contributes much to keep you engaged.

Moreover, Gita who plays the granddaughter of Shahrukh’s nanny adds the mainstream flavor of romance, and she also contributes much to the main idea; the character is really powerful.

If we talk about the realistic approach of the movie, then the cinematography and the actors feel so smooth and natural on the screen. Shahrukh, who is sometimes criticized to overact, has portrayed the role of Mohan with much ease and perfection; that’s why he is a great actor.

RATING – 8.5/10

Concept – 9/10
Story – 8/10
Screenplay & Direction – 8/10
Connectivity – 9/10
Cinematography – Fine
Performance – Smooth & Natural

Plot: NRI Mohan Bhargava who works as a project manager in NASA was raised by his nanny Kaveri in India after his parents died in an accident. However, it has been years since Mohan hasn’t tried to contact his nanny. On a day after having a successful meeting at NASA, Mohan realizes that he should have contacted Kaveri; he feels guilty that he never cared for the woman who raised him like her son.

Thereafter, Mohan leaves to India and meets his nanny after several years. However, the days that were looking like a nice trip to India turn Mohan into a responsible person to his nation when he stumbles upon the major rural problems in India.

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